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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Residential roofs

In residential areas Guavae maximizes PV system performance by:

  • using high-powered crystalline technology, which optimizes electricity generation per m2 within the minimum roof space,
  • or by utilizing very efficient thin film modules that offer the highest energy yield at different light conditions




Industrial roofs

For commercial roofs Guavae offers a variety of lightweight and highly performing modules based on rigid/flexible thin film technologies:

  • Thin film PV solutions, which can lay down flat, suit well low weight constructions.
  • Likewise, flexible elements can stick well on watertight membranes without a need of additional module frames.




Commercial galleria covers

Guavae can also address solutions for settings where light penetration is required. These take into account the need of:

- Consistent overhead shade control,

- Adaptability to seasons and product targets,

- Easy/fast module configuration depending on surface demands



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