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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)



PV for all types of external environments

Guavae offers PV solutions for many outdoor settings starting with:

- classical modules for roofs,

- special designs for installation on galleries, and

- high performing modules for fields without surface constraints




PV Modules for Customized Covers

Today natural light dissemination through glass domes or transparent materials in large public spaces is highly desirable.

Guavae can customized designs to channel natural light while producing electricity from solar panels in places such as:

- Shopping centers, central train stations, and

- public schools or academic covered recreation areas.



PV Modules for Open Fields

When surface area is not issue like open fields with sufficient sun shine, several PV technologies can be utilized.

Guavae offers well adapted PV solutions to maximize performance depending on the region and the investment desired. It delivers:

- installations based on thin film cost-effective modules or,

- or standard highly efficient modules on Si or other components.


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