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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Generating new cash flow

Guavae enabled Investments in PV offers the following benefits :

- new predictable revenues from electricity input to the grid

- Most countries offer guaranteed purchase of PV electricity

- Guavae facilitates the process for optimal PV local funding recovery

- Photovoltaic has higher redemption prices in renewable energies

- PV systems are safe and highly reliable lasting easily 30 yrs

- Solar modules retain 80% of output power for at least 25 yrs





Increasing property value

Guavae photovoltaic solutions pave the way for:

- property value increase due to PV electricity generation capabilities

- PV installations can be rapidly permitted and deployed

- lower thermal effects due to limited internal heat dissipation

- PV can improve the overall aesthetic look of the property

- Solar panels can offer additional protection for the roofs

- Photovoltaic can offer backup electricity generation if needed