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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Promoting green business trends

Guavae's PV solutions help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

PV technology today enables solutions for all types of buildings,

i.e., roofs, facades, canopies, or simply in the ground,

e.g., field solar plants, highway noise walls, etc.

Businesses can promote new green market opportunities, by

renewing their commitment to environment protection, and

by practically contributing to photovoltaic electricity generation.





Complying with eco-regulations

Most new constructions today must keep environment regulations,

Guavae facilitates compliance with PV recommendations for buildings in,

residential, commercial, farming and industrial areas.

Often incentives for environmental protection are local, so

NS works with the concerned to speed up the process.

Fiscal motivation through tax brakes e.g., are national, so

Guavae also works locally to support national regulatory compliance.