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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Ground installed power plants

Guavae offers ideal solutions to deploy PV power plants in highly sun-shined fields by:

- optimizing solar electricity generation to feed electrical grids,

- adapting designs to meet regions and terrain location demands,

- blending technologies for maximum solution performance.




Photovoltaic noise barriers

Guavae promotes pragmatic utilization of noise protection barriers for highways passing near urban and suburban areas. It offers:

- Double sided high performing Si solar modules, or

- highly efficient thin film modules for existing noise walls, and

- optimization of surface utilization for maximum performance.




Building forthcoming PV charging stations

PV power plants as part of electrical-vehicle charging stations will contribute to the overall renewable energy availability very soon.

Thus, Guavae promotes already today the design of solar powered charging stations, which can:

- can speed up the process of battery charging and

- address the possibility of battery swapping when feasible.



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