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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Light Energy Absorbing Devices

The larger choice of cost-effective solar technology today, i.e. classical Si and thin film, are increasing PV applications in electronics devices.

Guavae will exploit the excellent performance of thin films like CIGS for the integration in electronics devices with sufficient energy capturing area

The robustness of CIGS thin film deposition techniques will allow Guavae to select flexible or rigid substrates like glass, metal or polymer materials

Thus, Guavae in collaboration with partners will enable high-end electronic devices to self-charge dynamically while sitting unconsciously in illuminated environments.

Photovoltaic based Electronic Devices



Next Generation Solar Street Lights

Already today a combination of Photovoltaics and LED lights systems can provide good autonomy on electricity supply to Street lights.

Guavae in collaboration with partners will integrate high performing thin film solar cells and LED based lightning systems for street light solutions.

It will offer intelligent street lightning elements that:

- use low energy but with high illumination capabilities

- can be integrated into networks with functions beyond lightning

- replace existing street lightning systems cost-effectively, and

- provide efficient lightning options for developing regions

Photovoltaic & LED Integrated Streets Lights