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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Making ecology protection sustainable

- Preserving the environment is no longer a voluntary effort,

- it is a social responsibility that requires participation of us all.

- Guavae makes dynamic contribution to this process by:

- offering flexible choices to produce air-pollution free energy,

- its PV solutions deliver electricity free of harmful emissions, and

- can be deployed virtually in any region where sun is available.





Eliminating negative global warming

- Unusual temperature increase in some parts of the earth

- have produced devasting effects on people and the environment,

- the planet's equilibrium does no longer depend on one region.

- Thus, Guavae promotes social awareness about sustainability, by

- exploiting state of the art technology in photovoltaics and by

- making available cost-effective PV solutions everywhere.

- Together we can all protect the environment and handover

- a vibrant and healthy earth to the next generation.