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Guavae is the operational trademark of SolNanoTek SA (SNT)




Building Integrated PV - BIPV

The progress of photovoltaic enables today solar energy conversion not only from classical roof modules but also from installations on:

- building facades, skylights, canopies, etc.

The drivers to implement BIPV as part of the building structure include:

- Architecture flexibility to blend with the building materials,

- easy to comply with building code requirements, and

- competitive overall cost and performance for BIPV

Photovoltaic based facade




Adaptable building design

Guavae BIPV solutions will provide to customer specific designs to facilitate the standard architecture and aesthetic configuration by:

- offering the ideal choice in terms of color, shape, material, and

- PV technology, i.e. thin film, flexible or rigid modules.

Guavae increases the BIPV benefits by:

- making the building electric power generating beyond the roof

- affording effective thermal control to reduce cooling/heating costs

- blocking UV up to 98% with efficient shading management

PV as adaptable building component